Verstehen | An Interactive/Improvisational Performance Series for Live Painting + Electronics

Ver·ste·hen /fərˈSHtāən/ German, literally ‘understanding.’ noun: (SOCIOLOGY) An empathic understanding of human behavior.

Where: Link & Pin Gallery (Austin, TX)

Video Excerpt from Rehearsal (Vimeo)

Verstehen is an interactive/improvisational performance series explores various approaches to sonic/visual improvisation, focusing on a methods of conversation between two artists of different mediums.  Each of the five, 1 1/2 hour performances will take a unique approach to real-time creation of multimedia art in front of an audience.  The overall structure of the performances are the same:  A blank canvas will be laid flat on the floor, next to a table of electronics.  Four PA speakers will be placed around the space.  The audience will be encouraged to move around the space during the performance.  The uniqueness of each piece is dictated by a number of variables that will become more complex as the performances progress.  Both the sound and visual components are directly influenced by each other by a series of conversational “rules” defined by the artists.  Additionally, there will be various interactive/technological components that will allow each artist to actually control and/or influence the other performer’s work.  For example, the sound of specific performance may be generated through camera-tracking/blob detection of the painter’s motion, color choices, or position of brush on the canvas.  The specifics of the various performances will be documented and available for the audience once they have been effectively explored in rehearsals.  At the end of each performance, the finished work will be installed and displayed in the gallery space.  The sonic component of the performance will be embedded in the paintings, and will be accessible via either small speakers or headphones.  On July 14th, there will be a gallery opening for the various works created during the week.  Artists will participate in a Q/A and discussion on the experience at that time.  

Tentative Schedule (July 1, 2 & 6,7,8) 8:30 PM - 10 PM (Link & Pin Gallery)

Day 1 - “Minim” materials (pen, ink, sharpie, highlighter, “sonic canvas”, modular synth, electronics, voice, localized sound)
Day 2 - “Pixels” materials (paint, projections, interactive projection mapping, electronics, laptop, spatialized sound)
Day 3 - “Disturbance” materials (multiple speakers under canvas, vibrations, light control, laptop, localized/spatialized sound)
Day 4 - “Influence” materials (paint, color-based camera tracking, projections, laptop, spatialized sound)
Day 5 - “Understanding” materials (paint, blob-detection camera tracking, projections, laptop, localized/spatialized sound)

Gallery Opening/Discussion - July 14th @ 5:30 PM.