Verstehen - West Coast Tour - November 2017

Emily and I are currently in the process of booking a west coast tour for Verstehen that will take place during the first part of November. 

Preliminary dates/locations are:

November 2nd - Link & Pin Gallery - Austin
November 3rd - Marfa
November 4th - Santa Fe
November 5th - Sedona Posse Grounds Hub - Sedona
November 6th - Talk on Interactive Art @ UCSD - San Diego
November 7th - San Diego
November 8th - Los Angeles
November 9th - CalArts (Machine Lab) - Valencia
November 10th - Oakland
November 11th - Portland
November 12th - Seattle
December 4th - Vortex (Pony Shed) - Austin

We will update and repost more information once the remaining dates are finalized.  To help us fund this tour, please check out our crowd-sourcing campaign at  For a downloadable press-kit, click HERE