Meason Wiley is a multi-media artist, musician, producer, audio engineer, sound designer, composer, and fabricator based out of Austin + Los Angeles. He received his BFA (Music Technology) from CalArts in 2009 and his MFA (Music Technology) from CalArts in 2016. Meason is currently a robotic/interactive/sound designer for Meow Wolf.  A former Lecturer/Assoc. Professor of Music Technology at Austin Community College (MBPT), as well as the ACC BatLab Makerspace Coordinator, he is also a sound designer/music producer for the online digital arts education company Kadenze.  Meason is also a member of the Karmetik collective, a think tank of artists and engineers exploring a digital renaissance, seeking to question and redefine the boundaries between music, visual arts, and technology.

His current artistic work focuses on digital fabrication, generative systems, physical computing, kinetic + immersive art, and the sonification of natural phenomenon. He has performed as a solo electronic artist under the moniker's Counters + Dead Waiter since 2005. Meason has played in numerous bands and collaborated with a number of extraordinary artists including Roger O’Donnell (The Cure), Ajay Kapur, Caroline Lufkin, Tracy Wilson, The Machine Orchestra, John-Mike Reed, David Rosenboom, Ulrich Krieger, Aneila Perry, Sarah Reid, Burnt Dot, Emily Rankin, Matt Barbier, Michael Darling, Ia Enstera, Philippe Brunet, Curtis Bahn, Perry Cook, Jeff Lufkin, Carl Burgin, Amber Lepley, Trimpin, Indrahit Banerjee, Subrata Bhattacharya, Jason McKenzie, Atash, Ustad Aashish Khan, Nyoman Wenten, Present Company Theatre, En Route Theatre, Zbigniew Karkowski, R. Branden Harper, and many others. 

In addition to extensive touring, Meason has lectured and presented work at NMASS Festival (Austin), CalArts, Church of the Friendly Ghost (Austin), PehrSpace (Los Angeles), Asto Museum of Modern Art (Los Angeles), NIME (Carnegie Melon University - 2009), Link & Pin Gallery (Austin), Austin Community College, ICMC (New York University – 2010), NIME (LSU - 2015), Dubspot/Ableton (Los Angeles/Austin), Texas State University, LA SCREAM Festival, Walt Disney Theatre, (REDCAT - Los Angeles), Ballet Austin, Austin Film Festival, SXSW, and Housecore Horror Film Festival (Austin), and Decay Fest,  among others. His work has been featured in both print and online publications including NIME, ICMC, CMJ, Adafruit, Apple, Wired, Sonic State, Synthtopia, Pitchfork, Synthwise, C-Net, Spin Magazine, Attack of the Show, Uncut (England), Create Digital Music, the Austin Chronicle, the Austin American Statesman, the LA Times, and LA Weekly.